Michael + Jobelle

When we listen to the couple stories, we get a glimpse into their lives. Characteristics are revealed, and we get to see a little snippet into how their love story has began..

When you have the opportunity to connect with a couple it really makes the day feel different, you feel comfortable, you feel calm, for this couple michael and belle, they made us feel we are one of their old friends. from the jet ski photo session up to their big day. they inspire us to make it different from other weddings, yet of course there are things that we need to capture and make sure that we don’t miss but it’s really something special when the couple just enjoy their day, so please allow us to do what we love and allow yourself just to soak up everything. (by the way thank you for the pitcher and glasses)

so please let these photos speak about your love story and what happened during your wedding day

We had a great time during your wedding day and we hope that this set of photos will bring a lot more memories to you and your future family to come..

from the bottom of our hearts
galvinray photography



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Cheers to the Following Suppliers

Catering: Royal Seafoods  |  Coordinator: Leo Empillo Omoy  |  Flower and Decor: FWES  |  Hair and Make-up: Ariel Ortiz ( Bride ) Mykel Tenefrancia ( Entourage )  |  Hotel: XYZ Hotel Tacloban  |  Videographer: Janry Inot Films  |  Catering: Royal Seafoods  |  Cake: Jessie Chua  |  Mobile Bar: Errodgene Mobile Bar  |  Lights and Sounds: Jonard Lights and Sounds  |  Photobooth: Shoot and Print Photobooth

Website: www.galvinray.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/galvinrayphotography
Instagram: @galvinray

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