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kudos to the following wedding suppliers in region 8

Coordinator: Kitchie Impillo | Floral Arrangement: AC Flower | Photobooth: Shoot and Print Photobooth

| Hair and Make up: Joseph Ryan Amotto

i never thought this will look good the pastel colors of the wedding perfectly matched and sets the mood,

Looking at the same day edit photos, i  can see so many fun times, laughters, sweet memories, happy tears,

always remember to live every moment, laugh everyday and love the most.

I am so glad that you trusted us to capture your wedding day. You’re one of the loveliest couples that we have

had looking forward to seeing your marriage prosper.

Lots of love,
Galvinray Wedding Photo Team

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Kudos to the following Suppliers

Coordinator: Leo Omoy | Catering: Sophias Way | Videographer: Janry Inot Films

| Lights and Sounds: Jonard Lights and Sounds

| Photobooth: Shoot and Print | Hair and Make-up: Mich Uy  | Preparation: Granda Manor | Ceremony: Palo Cathedral

| Reception: Arcivu Hall | Emcee: Jasper | Flower Arrangement: FWES

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Edmar and Rasela

Preparation: Rosevenil & Hotel Alejandro | Ceremony: Sto.Niño Church | Reception: CCA Leyte Park Hotel and Resort

Photobooth: Shoot and Print Photobooth | Catering Services: Sophia’s Way | HMUA: Tafaye | Coordinator: Bernie

Lights and Sounds: Jonard Lights and Sounds | Videographer: Framehouse Films